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  • Google Ads Live Protection
  • AI Detection Algorithm
  • Bot and Competitor Click Protection
  • Bad Placements Filtering
  • Suspicious Behavior Analysis
  • Negative Keywords List Generation
  • Fully Automated System
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Frequently Asked Questions

Click fraud is a type of fraud where a person, automated script, or computer program imitates a legitimate user clicking on an ad for the purpose of generating a charge without actual interest in the advertiser’s offer. This practice can seriously drain your PPC ad budget, distort your marketing data, and impair your campaign performance.
Our service uses advanced algorithms, machine learning, and real-time tracking to identify suspicious activities and potential fraud sources. Once detected, these sources are automatically blocked from viewing your ads, preventing them from wasting your budget.
Absolutely. Our system is designed to distinguish between genuine human traffic and bots or automated scripts. We use sophisticated tracking and identification tools to accurately classify traffic, thus ensuring only valid clicks are counted.
Absolutely, it’s a breeze. Our system seamlessly connects with Google’s API, allowing most users to set it up in roughly five minutes. Afterward, simply copy and paste our script onto your website. If your tech team has any concerns, reach out to us, and we’ll guide you step by step.
Certainly! You can enjoy all our features for the first 7 days. After the trial period, you can decide whether to continue with your chosen plan. Note: The trial can handle up to 5,000 clicks.
Our service helps to improve the overall performance of your Google Ads campaigns. By blocking fraudulent clicks, you ensure that your ad budget is spent on genuine, interested users, which can lead to a better click-through rate, lower cost per click, and higher return on investment.
Yes. We provide a comprehensive dashboard that displays detailed information about your traffic, including the amount of fraudulent clicks detected and blocked. This will help you understand the value you’re getting from our service.
At, we’re confident that you’ll be fully satisfied with our work. In the rare case that we don’t meet our own high standards, we’re happy to offer a 100% money-back guarantee.
Our system is designed to minimize false positives, thanks to our sophisticated machine learning algorithms. However, in the rare event that legitimate traffic is accidentally blocked, our support team is always on hand to investigate and rectify the situation swiftly.
Integration is simple and straightforward. You just need to connect your Google Ads account with our service, and we will start monitoring and protecting your campaigns from fraudulent clicks.
Our system operates in real-time. This means as soon as fraudulent activity is detected, it is immediately blocked from affecting your ads, protecting your budget from being wasted.
Absolutely! We optimize your Performance Max campaigns by blocking placements, mobile apps, and videos known for poor quality traffic or elevated rates of invalid traffic. This ensures that your ads are showcased only on high-converting platforms, enhancing your advertising efficiency.

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