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Protect your Google Ads and enhance your PPC traffic quality with our AI-driven defense against click frauds. Maximize your ROI by ensuring authentic interactions and eliminate wasted spend from bots and dishonest competitors.

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Bot Clicks

Approximately 40% of online traffic* originates from non-human sources. Bots make your website slower, don’t aim to convert and drain your advertising budget.

Competitor Clicks

What’s stopping your competitors from clicking your ads, a tactic to drain your funds and take the number 1 spot on Google.

Click Farms

These are groups of individuals who are paid to click on ads. They use a variety of devices and IP addresses to avoid detection.

Bad Placements

We fine-tune your Performance Max campaigns by filtering out placements, apps, and videos with low-quality or suspicious traffic.

Suspicious Behaviors

Our advanced AI analyzes and understands visitor behaviors influenced by unauthorized, accidental and duplicate clicks.

Bad Search Terms

Generate a list of potential keywords that drive non-converting traffic and effortlessly add them to your Negative Keywords Lists.

3 Steps to Maximize ROAS

1. Link Account

First, link your Google Ads account in just two clicks.

2. AI Analysis

Next, our AI swiftly analyzes your past data to identify bad traffic.

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3. Real-time Protection & Useful Notifications

Finally, our system protects your ads from bots and scammers in real-time, while our dashboard displays useful reports and the money you’ve saved.

Packed with AI Features to maximize ad efficiency while minimizing wasteful costs.

On average, our customers save 12% on their advertising spend.

More than 10K advertisers trust us!
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AI-Based Detection

Harness the power of advanced AI to proactively identify and block disruptive click fraud. Our system is designed to respond in real-time, ensuring your ads remain shielded from malicious interactions.

Fully Automated

Set it and forget it! Our system operates on auto-pilot, seamlessly filtering out low-quality traffic and malicious actors. This ensures that your ad budget is spent only on genuine, valuable interactions.

5-Minute Setup

Get started in a breeze and enhance the quality of your traffic and safeguard your campaigns in just 5 minutes. Our system is user-friendly, making it accessible for both beginners and seasoned advertisers.

Competitive Pricing

Secure your ad campaigns without breaking the bank. We offer premium protection at unique and comprehensive rates. Experience unmatched value in the market.

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ClicKarma has eradicated our click fraud issues, greatly increasing genuine interactions and ROI for our Google Ads campaigns. Their expertise is undeniable and I highly recommend their service to any business seeking protection from fraudulent clicks.
Kareem Patel
CEO of HarrisonTech Solutions
ClicKarma significantly improved our campaign metrics in just a few weeks, providing priceless assurance that our budget was not being wasted on fraudulent clicks. This tool is a game-changer for digital advertisers, allowing me to focus on strategic planning.
Sophia Martinez
Founder and CMO of STAR.TUP